Application Information *READ*

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Application Information *READ*

Post by W00tbeer1 on Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:10 pm

Hello everybody, here is information you should read before submitting your application.

1. You must use the following format for your application as of 08/23/08:

Age: (If you want, it can be kept confidential)
Staff Position:
Why do you want to be Staff:
Will you Remain Active on the Website and Forums:
Website Link: (not required)
Youtube Channel: (not required)

You also agree to the following terms

~ We have the right to deny your application at any time, for any reason, without argument.
~ When we lock your thread, it will state a reason why you got denied. Once it's locked, it's over. You may not submit an application for another 2 weeks. Do not PM us with your questions and comments. Leave the comments we post into consideration.
~ You are posting your application to help out and support the community, not to gain a special privilege or service which normal members don't receive. Remember, we can deny to give you Mod Status on any of the Site Features. We may even take away your WARC Staff Tag if you are abusing it.
~ You agree to the Site Terms and Conditions
~ You will help out the site on a regular bases. If you are inactive for a certain amount of time, your application will be denied or your staff member status will be withdrawn.

Thank You!


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